Sunset Chiropractor

Sunset Chiropractor

Sunset Chiropractor

Chiropractor in Sunset, Utah: As Sunset, UT’s most trusted chiropractor, Dr. Burke Larsen has helped numerous area residents find relief from back and neck pain, overcome traumatic injuries like whiplash, and live happier lives free from debilitating or nagging pain. With years of training and experience in Chiropractic Care and Applied Kinesiology, Dr. Larsen has the spinal care methods, knowledge, and experience to provide the right approach to best help Sunset area patients.

Unique therapies found at our clinic include Auto and Work Injury Treatment, Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Sciatica Therapy, Chronic Headache Relief, Chiropractic Adjustments, Therapeutic Nutrition, Neuro Emotional Technique, Educational Workshops and more!

Sunset Pediatric Chiropractor

Sunset Pediatric Chiropractor: Lifetime Family Wellness Chiropractic and Education Center is the premier alternative healthcare facility in the Sunset area. Focusing on families, Dr. Burke Larson is trained in fertility and pregnancy care along with family and pediatric chiropractic. Dr. Larsen is also a skilled practitioner of Applied Kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology evaluates the chemical, mental and structural aspects of the patients health to find and treat the underlying causes of illness. This holistic approach to your health allows Dr. Larsen to treat the root causes of the injury and disease rather than focusing on the symptoms.

Pregnancy Chiropractor Sunset, Utah

Pregnancy Chiropractor Sunset, Utah: In addition to Chiropractic Care, Lifetime Family Wellness provides other unique therapy options including Acupuncture, Therapeutic Nutrition and Neuro Emotional Technique which assesses and alleviates the internal stressors that create barriers to your health and success. Since education is such an important role in maintaining optimal health, Dr. Larsen conducts many Health Seminars and Workshops, check the website for updates on when and where these classes are being held so you can take advantage.

Family Chiropractic in Sunset

Family Chiropractic Center Sunset: If you are searching for a chiropractor near Sunset, Utah then you have come to the right place! Dr. Burke Larsen of Lifetime Family Wellness and Chiropractic provides patients with a number of unique therapy and treatment options available at our state-of-the-art facility. Patients of all ages are greeted by our friendly staff and never wait long to be seen by the doctor. Additionally, Dr. Larsen will take the time to sit with every patient during and after their initial consultation in order to explain their therapy options and educate them on the benefits of chiropractic care.

Using the natural and effective practice of chiropractic care, Dr. Larsen will help you get the results you need without the need for medication or surgery, which can often exacerbate problems or cost a fortune. After a few short visits to our Chiropractic Center, your back, neck, and the rest of your body will be feeling better than ever. Don’t wait. Begin your journey toward a happier and healthier life today.

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Our office is conveniently located with plenty of parking and accessibility. We accept most insurance but also have a number of affordable therapy options and convenient payment plans. The first thing you will notice when visiting us is just how friendly our staff is. We treat every single patient like they are family! Dr. Larsen’s reputation in the community is unparalleled and it shows through the growing number of “5 Star Reviews” that Lifetime Family Wellness is receiving on website such as Google and Yelp!

[us_testimonial author=”Stacy S.” company=”Facebook” img=”5404″]Dr. Burke’s knowledge is what gave me my life back. Always tired; found out I am gluten intolerant. Had other issues that conventional doctors told me was all in my head; Dr Burke worked through them all, found what the issues were and found natural remedies that worked. I have my life back thanks to Dr. Burke, am not tired all the time and most all of my pain is gone. Be patient; good, lasting remedies and healing don’t happen all at once but over time.[/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Tiffanee H.” company=”Google” img=”4992″]Lifetime Family Wellness is amazing. Dr. Burke Larsen is excellent. It doesn’t matter how bad you feel, as soon as you walk in the door a smile comes to your face from the warm welcome. I would recommend Dr. Burke Larsen to anyone. Dr. Burke listens to what you are saying, about you’re problems, emotionally and physically.[/us_testimonial]

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