Acupuncture Ogden Utah

Acupuncture Ogden Utah

Acupuncture at Lifetime Family Wellness and Chiropractic

Acupuncture in Ogden, Utah: Acupuncture and chiropractic care are synergistic ways of bringing health. While chiropractic deals with nerves and many other aspects of the human body, acupuncture is often viewed as dealing with energy flows in the body called meridians. For many centuries this practice has been used in Asia, and now you can get acupuncture right here in Ogden.

Acupuncture invites your body to heal itself. It works with your body’s electromagnetic fields to positively influence nerve, hormone, immune, musculoskeletal, lymphatic, organ and other tissue systems toward repair. Your deepest programming is for health. Acupuncture helps your body access its own innate intelligence. Therefore, it is valuable in resolving both simple and complex issues. Acupuncture sessions bring balance to mind, body, and spirit.

When there is conflict in our life or within the body (disease/symptoms), the imbalance is simultaneously represented within the acupuncture system. Physical and emotional trauma, stress, lack of exercise, overexertion, seasonal changes, poor diet, accidents or excessive activity are among the many things that can influence the quality, flow and balance of energy. Bringing balance to the acupuncture system also restores proper function to the body.

The acupuncture system consists of highways of energy channeling through our bodies called meridians, each representing a different aspect of life and connected to specific organs and glands, providing nourishment to ensure maximum function. The meridians are an integral communication pathway in the body. It is vital for optimum health to maintain proper communication within the body, in both the nervous and acupuncture systems. Balancing the acupuncture system affects all systems in the body including the nervous system.

The potential benefits of acupuncture are widely recognized, and it continues to become integrated with Western Medicine. More than 20 million Americans have tried acupuncture and Chinese medicine since it was introduced in the United States in the 1970’s. The risk of side effects from acupuncture is low while the potential benefits are high.

What Can I Expect?

Dr. Burke will provide a consultation and examination to understand your needs. This consultation may include the use of an Electro Meridian Imaging device, placing a probe on the skin over specific acupoints. By way of a sensitive metering device, the electro potential of the points are measured and a treatment plan is determined.

Dr. Burke will then place hair-thin needles in specific areas, stimulating them in various ways to restore the flow of energy. A session can last anywhere from 10-45 minutes, depending on specific need. Acupuncture is virtually painless and most find it to be deeply relaxing and calming.


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